November 11 – A general program grant is awarded from Guangdong Natural Science Foundation to support our research.

September 1 – Huihui He joins our group as a master’s student. Welcome!

August 10 – We have a new undergraduate researcher, Jiafei Li. Welcome!

July 21 – Xunjin Chen joins our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

July 15 – Jian Du joins our group as a lab technician. We also have new undergraduate researchers, Jiongxi Lin and Songwen Chen. Welcome!

July 12 – Xinjie Luo joins our group as a master’s student. Jiacheng Zhou and Qing Zhang also join as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!

July 5 – Sprout funding and graduate student scholarship are awarded from the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials and Technology for Energy Conversion (MATEC) to support our research.

June 21 – Our new paper in Nano Letters is out online, demonstrating mechanically deformable solid-state lithium-ion batteries using screen-printable hexagonal boron nitride ionogel electrolytes:

April 27 – Our advertisement for postdoctoral/research fellows is posted on the official GTIIT website: Do not hesitate to contact us if interested.

April 27 – We are hiring a lab manager/technician. If interested, please see the advertisement on the official GTIIT website:

April 11 – We are looking for research assistants. If interested, check out our advertisement:

March 30 – A recent work on blade-coatable hexagonal boron nitride ionogel electrolytes is published in ACS Energy Letters:

February 28 – Our advertisement for Ph.D./master’s students is posted on the official GTIIT website: Check it out if interested in studying with us.

February 1 – Woo Jin Hyun starts his professorship at GTIIT.